How the panic app works

When you press your panic button.

    Our call centre receives your request for assistance within seconds. 

   At the same time all responders on duty receives your information.

     The operator will call you from the data centre to see how you can be assisted. In the mean time responders are dispatched to your location.

Medical Emergency

  In the event that you have a medical emergency paramedics and if necessary an ambulance will be dispatched to your location

Mechanical failure or accident

In the event of your vehicle having mechanical failure or even a flat tyre you will be assisted.

Report to us

Should you see something you want to report you can take a photo and /or send a message to us. 


We install LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) cameras. 

The cameras has proven to be very successful in the apprehension of vehicles that are being looked for by SAPS .

A list of stolen vehicles and also vehicles that were involved in crime are loaded onto our dashboard and this list is continiously updated