Almost all of us are guilty in feeding this crime. At some or other time you do something wrong, drinking to much or driving without your license or with an unroadworthy vehicle.

Thus we started this corruption cycle and YES of course some of us has never paid a bribe ever in our lives and walked the straight and narrow. But for those that paid a bribe at some stage you created this mess.

Traffic Officers were quick to see how easy it is to make some money and it turned into a syndication of corrupt law enforcement officers.

Criminals soon learned that you can wear a uniform and extort money from the public.

Now this has grown into an almost uncontrollable mess of bribes paid and bribes asked for.

But is has to be stopped. We understand your weakness  to easily pay a bribe, when you get pulled over because you took a chance after you drank too much alcohol and were so reckless to not make use of Uber to get home.

We all think that we are invincible and lucky.