Our Best Services


Owners house was on fire and SAPS members saved the day

Counselor & Bizsec

Counselor Michael assisting with cleanup of Hennops. All part of the Hennops revival

Neighbours get together

Get together with the Counselor having a discussion about the Community and how we intend changing the way that we prevent crime


Operation with SAPS,CPF and various Armed Response Companies

Get together with various responders

Get together at the ENGEN garage to discuss the future cooperation between various Crime Fighting Groups .

TMPD Visit

Officers from TMPD visiting our Data Centre after assisting in apprehending a suspect.

A community that is involved in preventing crime will be a safe community
Working with SAPS Garsfontein to feed

Illegal immigrants fed by Moreletta Church and supervised by SAPD


Looking for suspects in Heuweloord with Copwatch.

Community Acting

Organising the community to meet